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With over 5 years of experience in interaction design and digital experience, I excel at designing and developing user interfaces, product design, and data management. I am a skilled UX/UI designer with a passion for using technology to solve problems and create meaningful solutions.

Website design . App Design . Product Design . Logo Design . Branding . Character Design

To strengthen the collaboration between Footbar and the KNVB in order to improve physical football play among Dutch youth (14-19) through gamification approaches.

2022 | Feb

Amadeos is a website that allows you to study and prepare for your driving theory exams.

2022 | May

Co-tainer is a pop-up physical toolbox for neighbourhood engagement to address various challenges in different neighbourhoods.

2021 | Jun

The main goal is to bridge the gap as much as possible between lender and borrower.

2019 | Jun

Goldin is a utility token that allows companies to remunerate their loyal users and customers for beneficial behavior and responses.

2019 | Oct

Pars Market utilizes the blockchain traceable capability to enable customers to track products from their source to their final destination.

2019 | Feb

The smart insole helps users keep their balance while walking through providing some assistance.

2018 | Nov