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To strengthen the collaboration between Footbar and the KNVB in order to improve physical football play among Dutch youth (14-19) through gamification approaches.





My role:
Research, Project Management, UI/UX Designer, Branding
Footbar & KNVB
Digital Design School



Footbar is a French digital startup that is at the leading edge of the football technology business. Its purpose is to assist football teams, federations, and players improve by using sensors and video feeds to evaluate players. This technology is supposed to add a new dimension to football while also addressing societal issues.

The Challenge

The worldwide trend of playing online games such as FIFA is causing a decrease in the physical and psychological health of children. Footbar and the KNVB want to find a solution by combining physical football with a digital layer of gamification and immersive experiences. The task is to create a digitally gamified experience that would encourage Dutch federation players to play more physical football.


The Problem

How can Footbar and the KNVB develop a digital gamified experience that motivates and inspires Dutch federation players to play more physical football?

Sub questions could include how to:

  • What types of games are interesting for the target audience?
  • What technologies can we leverage to deliver a great experience?
  • How can KNVB and Footbar collaborate?
  • What is the longer term (horizon 2 and 3) vision for the collaboration?


Design Process

I was involved in multiple aspects of the design process of this project. I kicked off my role as a researcher, conducting thorough market analysis and gathering insights to inform the project's direction. I then took on the responsibility of project management, ensuring that timelines and budgets were met and all stakeholders were aligned. Additionally, I leveraged my expertise in UI/UX design to create intuitive and user-friendly interfaces, paying close attention to details such as typography, color, and spacing.

Desk Research: To understand the target audience and the market, we conducted desk research and analyzed the existing solutions available in the market. We also studied the user needs, pain points, and expectations.

Field Research: To validate the desk research findings and gain insights into the user behavior and expectations, we conducted field research by observing and interacting with amateur and professional football players.

User Testing: To validate the design concepts, we conducted user testing with the target audience. We tested the current app and the app prototypes with young football players amature and proffesional and gathered their feedback.

Co-design Session: To gather additional inputs and feedback from the clients, I conducted co-design sessions with Footbar and KNVB representitives. The sessions helped us to understand their needs and preferences in detail.

Interviews: To gain deeper insights into the user's needs and expectations, we conducted online and in-person interviews with young football players.


Prototype Iterations: Based on the research findings and feedback, we created multiple Lo-fi and Hi-fi prototypes. We iterated the design based on the feedback received from the user testing and co-design sessions.

Tools & Methodologies: We used the agile methodology and Figma as the primary design tool. Notion was used for project management and to keep track of the design iterations and feedback.


Brand identity: I leveraged my branding expertise to enhance the project's existing visual identity, drawing on the company's existing brand structure and incorporating key elements to create a unique and memorable brand image that effectively conveyed the project's personality and values.


As a UI/UX designer, my responsibilities included project management, leading the design team, and designing the user interface and user experience of the app. The design process was a collaborative effort between the design team and the client, with a focus on creating an app that meets the needs of the young football players in the Netherlands.

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