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Goldin is a utility token that allows companies to remunerate their loyal users and customers for beneficial behavior and responses.


My role:
Research, UI/UX Designer, Branding
Abbasi insstitute | Tehran | Iran
Iran Zamin Bank



Goldin is a Utility Token that allows companies to remunerate their loyal users and customers for beneficial behaviors and responses. Goldin is a decentralized marketing and sales platform that has diverse applications for businesses. Companies can engage and encourage the participation of a wide range of consumers in the digital space by setting their products on the Goldin platform to introduce, advertise and promote their products and services.


Design Process

During my discussion with the Goldin team for this project, we decided to follow the 5-step procedure shown below. We were able to reach the stage of concepts and sketches in shorter than the expected time, thanks to classified information from our users in the beta version of this application. One of the project's strong aspects was the multiple iterations in the development of the first prototype, which allowed me to set up user testing at several different levels with the technical team and several various types of users who were considered major stakeholders.


The Goal

I joined the team in the final phases of technical testing after Goldin had already run his concept utilizing pre-built applications to test the technical parts(Blockchain-related) of the Idea and its implementation. I was asked to design the user interface for the digital wallet application as well as the landing page to introduce Goldin and the group. Goldin's goal is to empower businesses to reward their loyal users and customers for positive actions and responses through using utility tokens.


Information Architecture

In the beta version, most of the components were developed individually, but a general review was required for integration; the application map design enabled us to have a clearer picture of the user's journey. One of the major design difficulties was to provide flexible features for different businesses so that they could quickly customize wallets and points for their consumers.


The next step was to create wireframes based on the application map and drawings. The technical team checked and approved all of the procedures before moving on to the next phase, which is integrating visual identity components.

Typography & Color

The project manager proposed taking inspiration from the Andromeda galaxy to develop the visual identity. They planned to use this name for their next project. I created several palettes based on existing pictures of this galaxy, and the main colours were selected and approved by the team for use in creating pixel-perfect mockups.

The Application

The visual identity inspired the design and implementation of all application screens, as well as the components and icons. I worked closely with the technical team throughout the design process, and benefit from their experience and perspectives helped us in preparing the final sample with the lowest error percentage (7% ). I was also in charge of running user testing sessions and creating the development plan, which was completed in three stages with 15 participants.

The Landing Page